Corporate Profile

The manufacturers can see the users, while the users can the manufacturers.

Accumulating new technology and expertise of material properties,material combination,processing materials to maximize their performance,and pursuing further themse. Chikazawa takes these as its basic attitude toward Research and development.Chikazawa puts this into a phrase,"satisfaction through pursuance of perfect designing"and reflects this attitude on all products to convey it to the users. Its product packages carry dimensions, absorption capacity,and other specifications in clear,visual marks and numerical value so that the users can pick up the best suitable one for them. This is an example of Chikazawa's pursuance of perfect designing. Chikazawa's company symbol is composed of letter "C"that stands for "Chikazawa"and an oval that represents "a dorp of water"expressing its gratitude for "the blessing of wa available around its and has brought it up.


Name Chikazawa Paper Co., Ltd.
Establishment April 1953
Capital \70,000,000
Representative Takashi Chikazawa,President
Employees 109(76men,33women)
Head office 4003, lno-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi 781-2110, Japan
Tel 81-(0)88-892-0126 Fax 81-(0)88-893-1963
Konotani Plant
1433-6 Konotani, lno-cho. Agawa-gun, Kochi 781-2134, Japan
Tel 81-(0)88-893-2750 Fax 81-(0)88-893-2780
Site Area Head office 7,000m*m  Konotani Plant 14,600m*m
Buillding area Head office 9,000m*m  Konotani Plant 15,800m*m
Main product Paper diapers for the old, Nursing care products
Main customer Oji Nepia Co., Ltd
Caremax Corporation
Longlife Co.,Ltd.
Fukagawa Medical Equlpment inc.
Happy Care
Ohishi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Murakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Oji Nepia Co., Ltd
Toyota Tsusho Matex Corporation
RAYONIER Advanced Materials
Nitta Findley Co.,Ltd.
Bankers Shikoku Bank, Ino Branch
Kochi Bank, Ino Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Kochi Branch
Japan Finance Corporation, Kochi Branch


"Around 1930 Start business with Japanese paper making.
1953 Incorporated
1959 Installed the first paper making machine,and started the production of tissue paper "Kyohanagami"(changeover to paper making on machine).
1962 Started the production of mild medicines and sanitary napkins.
1975 Started the produstion of paper diapers for the old(layer-built type).
1987 Installed a production line for paper diapers for the old (underwear type) Expanded the production line for paper diapers for the old (flat type).
1992 Completed the paper diaper factory. Expanded the production line for paper diapers for the old.
1999 Completed the construction of the Konotani Plant.
Expanded the production line for paper diapers for the old.(pull-up type)
2002 Expanded the production line for paper diapers(pad type)for the old.(Konotani)
2005 Expanded the production line for paper diapers(pull-up type)for the old.(Konotani)
2006 Replaced the production line for paper diapers(pad type)for the old.(Main Factory)
2010 Improved the production line for paper diapers(tape type)for the old.(Main Factory)
2012 Expanded the production line for diapers (pad type) for the old (Konotani)
2015 The first paper making machine is out of operation
2018 Increased the capital to 70,000,000 yen

For the comfortable life
Making products for a zestful life,
We are working to meet the true requirements of a a long-life society.

Society of longevity,not aging society

We call the present society as"society of longevity" This is because we think the pleasure of living is the true meaning of the term of ''longevity.'' For the elderly to enjoy the longevity, no doubt they have to stay active and be proud of themselves in their life.

For the elderly to enjoy the longevity

The fundamental concept underlying our product making is easiness to use. For the elderly to enjoy longevity, we are making "care" products, such as disposable pull-on type diapers(Medipants),etc., not for the purpose of mere product making but for enhancing their daily life. To fulfill our desire, we, Chikazawa, are working as hard as we can to make ideal "care" products to help them live independently and zestfully.

From making products of necessity to supporting their pleasant life and more

In a continuing effort to improve technology and service, Chikazawa has just completed constructing a new plant serving as the base for activities: information, service and distribution. The new plant together with the plant at our head office, we are committed to doing our best to the enrichment of the ''longevity'' society. Chikazawa's technology and service, watching the next generation with triple eyes: viewing, observing, and caring, will keep evolving to make the life of the old better and more pleasant.

Quality management

ISO 9001:2015
company name Chikazawa Paper Co., Ltd. / 4003 Ino-cho Agawa-gun, Koti [Kochi], 781-2110, Japan
Scope The Development and Manufacture of Paper Diapers
Remote Location Chikazawa Paper Co., Ltd. - Konotani Plant
1433-6 Konotani Ino-cho
Agawa-gun, Koti [Kochi], 781-2134, Japan
Certificate Number C0291892-IS1
Certification body NSF-ISR
Expiration Date 26-SEP-2019